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Texans for John Davis
1 E Greenway Plaza
Suite 225
Houston, Texas 77046

Welcome to
Texans for John Davis

Thank you for visiting my web site and learning more about Texas House District 129. I am fully committed to continue to work hard in Austin for the constituents in District 129.

My priorities for the district include:

Illegal immigration
The state must do whatever it can to halt illegal immigration, because the federal government clearly isn't trying very hard to do it. We must support our local sheriffs and law enforcement so that they have the resources they need. Additionally, we should turn convicted illegal immigrants over to immigration authorities upon their release from prison and jail or being given probation. I also support legislation that cuts off funding for sanctuary cities that provide a safe haven for illegal aliens.

Repeal Obamacare
While this is largely a federal issue, Obamacare will destroy our Texas budget by increasing Medicaid caseloads from 3.1 million to over 5 million. If we do not demand our leaders in Washington take action, we will have no money left in Texas for education, highways, prisons, and many other state priorities.

Keep Jobs at NASA
We must support efforts to maintain both manned

Texas State Capitol in Austin, Texas
space flights and the use of NASA assets for research and development projects in the private sector and institutions of higher learning.

Helping small business
Upon replacing the franchise tax with a new business-margins tax, the state has doubled or even tripled the tax burden for thousands of small businesses. With no corresponding increase in revenues or profits, many of those businesses are threatened with failure. John Davis supports such relief measures as maintaining the tax threshold at $1 million, cutting in half the tax on businesses that gross less than $20 million a year, and requiring a supermajority to raise the margins tax.

Support Education
A college education is not a reality for many people. We should encourage vocational education for students that will not attend college, so that they are able to get jobs. We should also focus on making High School classes more relevant in order to bring down the high school drop out rates.

Fight the overreach of the EPA
We must do all we can to fight the overreaching EPA and allow the TCEQ to keep regulating environmental issues as it relates to our clean air and water. Additionally, we should actively encourage drilling for natural gas and oil in the Eagle Ford and Barnet shale.