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Company profile
National was founded in 2005, is a research and development, production and marketing of Internet TV main movement, the smart TV main movement, digital TV main movement and OTT set top boxes, smart set-top boxes, smart projectors and other products as one of level high-tech enterprises.

As the world's intelligent audio and video systems integration solutions provider, leading the innovation and design solutions for the global television. Over the years, the company has focused on the development of the company's main product, we have made a number of technical patents results and industry qualification certificate, license. About one-third of the world's television manufacturers, network television providers of products and solutions, highly recognized domestic and foreign counterparts, selling products in more than 100 countries and regions, and international giants chain form close strategic partner.

We always adhere to the customer first, people-oriented, technology and innovative business ideas, and constantly put into research and development. Now has a staff of 800 people, including more than 300 R & D staff, master's and bachelor degree key institutions accounted for more than 76%. For the global market quickly with the latest, best, best of TV set-top boxes, mini-projector solution.

Future, cultraview committed to building a new era of smart home control center systems, allowing users to enjoy the best possible experience things together in a warm family environment, family and the world has become China's most professional smart home overall solution design. To this end, the company embarked on the integration of new media products, digital and "Internet +" combination of strategic layout, audio and video systems integrated display terminal products through research and development of cutting-edge information, and improve the company's competitiveness.

"Forge ahead, highlighting the wonderful" is our constant pursuit! The company into a socially respectable business, is a common mission Jin Rui significant people. The company is willing on the chain synergies to jointly promote the rapid development of smart home industry, to create a harmonious society for a better tomorrow.
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