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Technical information
The technology of mobile phone and TV connection based on MHL


MobileHigh-Definition Link (MHL) is an industry standard for a mobile high-definitionaudio/video interface that allows consumers to connect portable consumerelectronics (CE) devices. MHL can display audio/video on high-definitiontelevisions (HDTVs) by connecting to a standard HDMI input interface with asignal cable.

Massiveamount of multimedia contents, including high-resolution images, video clipsand full-version Hollywood movies, are downloaded, captured and stored inportable personal entertainment devices. But unfortunately, the quality ofimages and videos is usually degraded when consumers connect these portabledevices to high-definition televisions via a standard analog interface. Forthis reason, we need a stand-alone portable high-definition audio/videointerface, which allows these portable devices to connect to high-definitiontelevisions via a standard HDMI port, so as to enable consumers to enjoymultimedia contents on large high-definition screen.

Theparticular requirements of portable applications need a new portablehigh-definition audio/video interface standard, because it requires higherresolution, smaller and fewer interfaces and lower power consumption. MHLtechnology is just the audio/video interface standard. Portable consumerelectronics devices can be connected to high-definition televisions with acable via standard HDMI input port on the televisions.

MHL is avideo transmission protocol for new-type portable products jointly initiated bySONY, NOKIA, Explore, Silicon Image, Toshiba, Samsung and other enterprises.Different from the traditional 19-pin HDMI, MHL has only 5 pins. 2 pins arespecialized for audio and video signal transmission, 2 pins are used for powerand ground connections, and 1 pin is designed for control. Briefly speaking,MHL is a control bus which controls TMDS, DDC and CEC. This bus completelycontrols both audios and videos and simplifies data storage and datatransmission, that’s the advantage of MHL interface.

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