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Foxxum and Cultraview sign Smart TV pre-integration deal to reduce integration efforts and time to market


EVENTS / AUGUST 25, 2016

Chinese Cultraview, world’s leading TV mainboard manufacturer, and Foxxum, global leader in Smart TV solutions headquartered in Germany, have signed a Smart TV pre-integration deal, which adds Foxxum technology and content portfolio to Cultraview mainboards. That way Foxxum will instantly become available on a huge part of the TV production worldwide to enable content providers to monetize their Smart TV investments on an additional range of brands and products.  

If you are a content provider looking for different ways to expand to new territories, a Smart TV or STB manufacturer who would like to enrich your content portfolio, or if you have any plans to enter the Smart TV world but still need to explore new possibilities, this is your chance. 

Furthermore, aiming at the customers of Cultraview, pre-integration of the Foxxum Smart TV solution offers them to upgrade their devices to state-of-the-art Smart TV products and to compete with leading TV brands at peer level. Additionally, this collaboration will allow Cultraview customers to reduce time to market and development cost significantly. 

“Moving forward and steadily adding value to our solutions has always been one of our principles”, says Yan Xiaodong, Marketing director at Cultraview. “With the pre-integrated Foxxum Smart TV solution we are exactly doing that and are now able to offer the leading turnkey solution to our worldwide customer base with an amazing international content portfolio and the strongest local content portfolio in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Asia”. 

“Pre-integration is one of our main business strategies to reduce time and cost of new product development. We want to focus on product design to differentiate in local markets early in the development process. With Cultraview we cover a big share of the annual Smart TV production worldwide once again proving our leading role in Smart TV solutions”, explains Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum. 

About Shenzhen Cultraview Digital Technology Co., Ltd 
Shenzhen Cultraview Digital Technology, founded in 2005, today is one of the world's largest audio and video system integration solutions provider, leading innovation and design solutions for the global television market. Over the years, the company has focused on the development of the company's mainboard product, registering a number of technical patents, industry qualification certificates and licenses. Cultraview now has a staff of 1200 people, including more than 400 in Research and Development. About 80% of the world's television manufacturers, providers of network television products and solutions, highly recognized domestic and foreign counterparts, selling products in more than 100 countries and regions, and international giant chains form close strategic partnerships with Cultraview. 

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